Sunday, 23 March 2014

WATCH OUT!! it's LOVE LOVE TIME, baby~ [Indoor Photoshoot]

oh wowowowowowow, being a damsel in distress sure was not a pleasant experience, especially if you are a girl who is surrounded by certain perverted-looking old men... in suit, what would this situation turn into? catch up after the break

oh no the hands of Shockerman are invading the girl...

and those hands from the other shockermen from below is striking as well... how could this situation be defused?

the hand, just getting deeper and deeper... 

the next stage, they are presenting the RED FALCON to the girl which is a tool of SHOCKER to turn normal humans into fighting cyborgs just like them through insertion and the release of nanobots which alters the genetic structure of the victim

BREAK DOWN!! HALT Shockermen, Faiz Blaster of elite rider task force is here to rescue the kidnapped girl

and the shooting begins... all shockermen be exterminated

Smashing!! autovajin joins the act, poor damsel in distress caught in the crossfire but the Shockermen are pretty much done with

done with the shockermen, Faiz Blaster managed to rescue the Girl, brought her back safely, the story continues another day~

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