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[Event] Tamashii Nations at 10th JakToysFair 2014

unlike the previous Tamashii Nations event i posted previously, this time Tamashii Nations is back with lotsa surprises, from their various line-ups especially to be the biggest ever held in Indonesia. and guess what? they did something that everybody, national or even international been looking forward to... kamen rider RX Robo Rider and RX Bio Rider. let's catch up more after the break~

this is the exclusive display for kamen rider Black and the rest of the Black RX figuarts, with the classic, hard, and tough looking diorama

the heisei riders with the ever colorful dioramas

at the top, battle of 2 princes

this time Tamashii Nations lets you to touch and try their most advanced figuarts build at the moment, Kamen Rider Kabuto Renewal ver.

the joint structure for the upcoming figuarts, pretty interesting~

and this is the figuarts base body for their standard figures

Kaixa and the upcoming transformable Autovajin figuarts

faiz figuarts with some neat case, like the one takumi carries to transport his faiz belt

the upcoming and the released figuarts, new and old

exclusive diorama along with some kuuga line up

this diorama piqued my interest with joker standing over fuuto miniature, it's hot!

and fourze rocket launching effect has never been this awesome

kamen rider Black RX & Acrobatter renewal ver.

with some nice dashing effects

i see shadowmoon hiding there. whaddup mate?

and here's the main attraction, the Robo Rider, with his bike Roboiser, which looks uncomfortable with RoboRider riding it

this is quite awesome, but sometime ago, i had this custom made RoboRider figuarts and it looks more awesome than this one. the proportion is bigger and looks even more solid although the figure itself sucks on poseability

they said this is a prototype and might be modified to be better in the future, well i just hope so, coz i'm a big fan of RoboRider... if it's good then i will probably buy it

and here's me wearing a Robo Rider helmet taking photos together with the figuarts... YO DAWG!

another main attraction is the Bio Rider, and hell yeah he looked awesome with his bike Mach Jabber

compared to RoboRider's proportion, Bio Rider looks better, i think

the blue color is just simply attractive

the details are simply awesome, the scuplt are quite good looking

it's really satisfying to see the prototypes, and let's just hope for better

well since i'm a big fan of RX i will probably buy those two, without the bikes~


HANAMICHI... ON STAGE!!! damn i am so looking forward to gaim figuarts

BANANA ARMS!!! KNIGHT OF SPEAR!!! Baron metallic red suit is strikingly hot, let's just hope that the red metallic color doesn't fade easily like the SHFiguarts kamen rider kabuto (not the renewal ver.) and Ryuki Survive form

Chalice is also coming up soon

leangle, many people are looking forward to it too

from the SIC line up we got the brand new showa reboot series Kamen Rider 2 Old ver. somehow i liked the recent SIC design, it's real cool!

Mario... with the various playsets... gonna be so expensive~ and hey, a hello kitty chogokin too~

the upcoming one is SCM EX Wyvern Rhadamanthys while the rest of the gang you see at the pic is already released 

being punched by my friend Avip at the Tamashii Nations showroom, they got this nice life-size explosion effect from Ultra-Act Ultraman Gaia

with some KOOL friends Fahrudin, me, Refi on red, and Ida Bagus on the right

this lucky bastard just won an exclusive SCM EX Leo Aiolia OCE ver. for free, good for ya Bibib!

and this is from the ever-awesome indogokin booth, Mazinkaiser

and the DX Mazinger, the big one with garage and all

SHFINDO booth is back with some awesomeness like custom Figuarts by Dezet Artworks (Devin Christian)

and this ever-awesome daft punk stage is owned by my friend William Karisma, he probably had someone made it for him

FEWTURE Mazinger Z and Black Getter over at Victory Toys booth, came along with some too damn hot diorama set

Sain Cloth Myth Indonesia made their first debut by participating at the Toys Fair

they got some hot and rare Cloth Myth specimens

plus some real hot looking diorama, inspired me a lot!

v1 cloths are always awesome, especially the striking green color of the Bronze Dragon 

the nice line up of the 10th anniversary God Cloths and Athena in War Cloth at the back

they customized the whole diorama, i'm so impressed with you guys

some Gold Saints from the SCM EX line up

Papilon Myu, the only surplice that is ever to be colored other than dark purplish color

overall this event is awesome, i had quite some fun, although this year is far more different than the last one, the organizers tried to bring out the best out of the event, and good work paid off. and to everybody that participated and worked hard for this event. you guys just rock!! 
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