Wednesday, 26 March 2014

SING!! rise of celebrity titan stardom [Indoor Photoshoot]

 Behind the success of every star, there is always a story to it. whether it was hard life before the stardom, or how many sacrifice they made until their effort was paid off. or many of the sad story behind all their success, which is always inspiring. and today we are going to find out about the story of this titan celebrity and her rise to stardom
Born from the unusual Colossal Titan father and certain twintailed mother, she was always mocked because of her physical appearance, which is considered deviant among her fellow titan race

she was always alone, never without a company, because of her physical appearance, her family was always shunned by the titan community, that's why she was exiled, even by her own family... which is too sad 

when she gets to meet another titan, they would surely be teasing her, bully her, pick on her, mock and scorn her, with words sharper than blade itself, pierces right to the heart of the poor being. though she never held grudge to all those titans, for her pure soul lies inside her grotesque appearance...

she got a talent, singing, her singing calms even the most ferocious titans, soothes their souls and brings peace to their mind

and a certain producer saw her talent and decided to make her an idol of the titan showbiz

and then because of her extremely well singing talent, she skyrocketed thus becoming a celebrity in the titan showbiz

and for sure she would never forget the help of those who supported her to her stardom, her producer, and her bodyguard, who protected her from the swarm of aggressive titans attacking her after a live show...

so the moral of the story is pretty much, no matter how grotesque looking you are or no matter how bad you are at something, you always got something else you are good at, and still some people that would support you~ so never give up reaching your dreams, or pretty much so~

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