Friday, 7 March 2014

GATHER!! La Titan Familia [Indoor Photoshoot + diorama]

After a hard, never ending and hellish battle with the (stupid) humans, Colossal Titan thinks it was stupid to continue fighting the humans as they would probably extinct for they were to fight among themselves. so he decided to quit, settle down and have a family. but is marriage life itself really the way out to happiness? let's find out after the break

he is happy with his daughter... or son, not sure about that... well he does look happy

until these two started fighting, oh what a trouble, somebody's gotta stop them

and mama titan just grumble grumble

and they still keep on fighting, this is just troublesome... really troublesome

quite annoyed... family ain't goin good for him
i'll post more next time... titan you poor bastard, family life ain't suited for a hard rumbler like you!
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


over & out!!!

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