Sunday, 2 February 2014

[Photowalk] Festival of Lights at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall - Jakarta

Last New Year eve on 2013, i get to visit Central Park mall along with my family and unexpectedly the mall was holding this festival of light event over at their Tribeca Park. it was such a pleasant event with all the lights and colorful ambience celebrating christmas along with the upcoming new year of 2014. more after the break
a view to the park, lotsa lights, lotsa happiness

this colorful xmas tree really blew me away, it was refreshing and inspiring to see combination of colors in lights, whoever made this installation, hats off to you people!

 with most of the lamps being LED, installed all over the park, it just looked like a carpet of lights, pleasant enough as eye candy

Majestic Deer of light... probably, but it was cool!

star-like lights... always love em~

Lights shaped as a Deer Sculpture... Running as if it was alive and it just made me feel so alive

blue LED lamps attached to the trees are like this starry sky i see at dark nights, serene and beautiful, fantastic installation indeed

one good thing about wearing glasses is... when i take it of... i see bokeh everywhere... ain't that great, i am so grateful

moarrr totally blurred bokeh of the festival~

somehow to me, Lights could be inspiring, relaxing and like the colors, i loved em dearly... i always try my best to find the lights in life... those lights... could literally be light itself, or the good people that always support me, be there for me, guides me when i lost my way around life... and those who inspired me... thank you
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!! stay tune in my blog, coz i'll be back with moarrr interesting articles!!


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