Thursday, 30 January 2014

RISE!! with the Dragons!! Happy Chinese New Year! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Yay!! it's my favourite time of the year again... Chinese New Year!! aside from the festivities of Idul Fitri (yay lotsa holidays) and Christmas (yay X-Mas party!) it was such a fantastic time to gather and socialize with families and relatives, commonly sharing red packages (yay!) to bring luck and prosperity to everybody... and Chinese New Year is often associated with RED and DRAGONS... see a pattern here? i see one on Ryuki & his contract monster Dragredder. so more of em... after the break

Chinese people often associate the color of red with luck and dragons that was the godlike divine being that brings peace and prosperity to all... i think i just remembered the story from my teacher and that was a long time ago...

 and the legend goes like this... in ancient china, at times when the world is still pure, and people lived in a peace, according to heavenly rules and that gods and mythical beasts are to roam free in this world... at the every year-end according to lunar calendar, there was this beast called Nian (literally translates into the word "year" somehow) would go down to town and villages to hunt the humans unlucky enough to be eaten alive... luckily, Nian has it's weakness that is it cannot bear to see the color of red-a talisman as a symbol of dragon's protection, the exploding fireworks, and the sensation of celebration in happiness. so in order to counter this beast, the people get to stick some red papers on their front door of their house, to keep it away... and they celebrate happily every year so to ensure Nian would never again to bother them... and that's all my teacher told me

but logically there is no way such beast exists, when i come to think of it... Nian literally means year in chinese... when people went through a year, there is no way it's gonna be smooth as ever, sometimes we face sadness, regret and failures, and other negative things that gets in the way... so Nian might be considered an embodiment of those things, that comes to terrorize people at year end(or probably not)

and those celebrations was a good chance to make those negative feelings go away through agthering with families and relatives together, having a good time or just simply forget those negative things for a while... and be happy at the moment

and this upcoming chinese new year would be the year of the horse... and i really hope it's gonna be another fantastic year up ahead... though things would be as smooth as it is, but we still have to give the best right?

and some folks, just never give it a rest, poor ryuki he got caught in it...

yet the debate continues till the Chinese New Year...
then again, I wish you all Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fat Chai!!
my love, luck, success, and prosperity comes around you in the upcoming year, hope you will always shine brightly in your lives!! Bless y'all readers!!
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!! 


over & out!!

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