Thursday, 20 February 2014

LOVE!! untold romance of the golden rider [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

so after all this time... Caucasus finally feel like sharing his long lost love story, waaaaayyy back before his battle with Kabuto in GOD SPEED LOVE... it turned out that he once have a sweetheart... and loved her very much. catch the story after the break

when he was younger, Caucasus fell in love with a girl, a cute one and he was really happy when he confessed his love to that girl, being a military guy, he was really awkward back then, a shy guy indeed... after the confession that changed him in to such a loving person

he was a loving guy, always loved his girl, taking her for a walk, rolling on a date, romantic feelings just feels in the air. and he always told the girl that he would love her everyday unconditionally

and he always singed for his sweetheart, said that she was the one for him, a beautiful flower, a magic girl!! one of a kind, precious like no other... truly a treasure to him

and he always hugged her in his arms, saying that everything is gonna be alright, while giving a blue rose, said that it would symbolize their eternal love, undying even with time, a tale that everybody would remember

sadly his girl, died out of sickness... an incurable one. when he realized this, Caucasus just felt powerless... regretting why he could not do anything to save his lover... in deep grief and regret, he clinged to the blue rose, which now he views as the symbol of unattainable love. a blue rose, the strongest, the most beautiful... that's what he fights for now... after this incident he set out to train to be ZECT's strongest rider... only to be defeated by Kabuto in GOD SPEED LOVE. such tragic tale... happy times never lasts forever...
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