Wednesday, 22 May 2013

cutesy nendoroid of my friends [Indoor+outodoor photoshoot]

aaaaand yes i'm back with moarrr cutesy stuff, this time my friends lent me their nendoroids to me so i can take greaaaat photos from them... so here's som cutesy stuff y'all probably been waiting for so let's enjoy them cute stuffs photos~. more after the break...

Hello people, me am Feena... be here to find some friends and cute stuff~

Oh hello birdies glad to see you, wanna be friends?

oh no birdies stop that, it tickles, stop pecking me around...

ooh then the boss, Greeed Ankh LOST came up to seduce Feena... i don't wanna imagine what would happen next... but then

after seeing such romance, kirino just suddenly feel annoyed about his late boyfriend again...

hey let's sing to the whole world, don't be shy friends

and mio is still shy as ever, even on a stage... but she keeps singing along

and gakupo says "oh come on... my sword is better than your singings gals~"

i'd like to express gratitude to my friends :
desy agnes for lending me nendoroid Feena... you can check out her gallery over at or his IG id @desyagnes
erik thianto for lending me the rest of the nendoroid that appeared in this post... you can check out his gallery over at or his IG id @erikthianto

hmmm that's all for now... but i certainly will be back with better and cuter photosets
don't forget to visit my other gallery over at

Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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