Saturday, 11 May 2013

SIC kiwami tamashii photo set [Indoor photoshoot]

And so i'm back with some spectacular figures, this time i will be featuring my photos of SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Agito trinity form, kamen rider blade king form, and kamen rider wild chalice, these three really piqued my interest, though it is a property of my friend, it's still fun taking photos of them especially on the details...

SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider blade king form comes with great details along with the amazing sculpt but at the cost of limited articulation and smaller size compared to regular SIC or even SHFiguarts

the head and torso sculpt is remarkably amazing 

"fear the might of the KING"

SIC kiwami tamashii comes with the catchy red and green paintjob which i think is even better than the rest of the SIC kiwami line up

the torso sculpt details are especially amazing along with the compound eyes part, really blew me away, i'll never dis kiwami anymore~

"i am the wild rider, a wild one that nobody could ever control!"

i really love what they did on agito trinity here, great part and details, although i have to say that articulation suck big time... but it's alright since the details and paintjob covered em all

"I am the TRINITY"

"feel my TRINITY!!!"

"my FLAME shall burn, and the STORM will be raging on all my enemies"

so this wraps up my post this time. and don't forget to visit my other gallery over at
I'd like to express gratitude to my good friend G**T* a.k.a Kabuto Zecter a.k.a a47b for lending me these amazing figures. thanks man, much appreciated!!!

catch y'all on another post


over & out !!!

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