Monday, 20 May 2013

Crusader of the CROSS, kamen rider IXA - SHFiguarts [Indoor Photoshoot]

Kamen Rider IXA is the secondary rider that made his debut in the 2008 kamen rider franchise, kamen rider kiva. and have the concept of "white knight", "Templar", or "crusader" with his tagline "return that life to GOD"
"RISE, and defend your HONOR as a crusader sir IXA!!!" said King of Blade

"Fangires... Return that LIFE to GOD!!"

Ready to Engage with IXA Magnum & IXA libur

I'll be blasting on ya Fangires!!

IXA and kaixa is only "ka" away huh?

duo IXA

and so the Crusader prays, lamenting for all the blood he spilled on his fights... walking on the bloody warpath... for the sake of GOD, is it worth the fight?

i think that's all i have to share on SHFiguarts Kamen Rider IXA
don't be sad coz i will be back with better and better photosets, so stay tune and
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not satisified on my photos about SHFiguarts kamen rider IXA yet? fortunately i made an exclusive review about IXA as an exclusive content on my friend's blog, it was the time when i have not yet started my own blog... anyway you can view it over at

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