Friday, 10 May 2013

Blade is KING [Indoor photoshoot]

back with some gorgeous figure, i'm ready to feature my very own SHS - Souchaku Henshin Series Kamen Rider Blade King form. the SHFiguarts counterpart has not been announced to be released yet but i'll just have fun with this shiny shiny KING!!!

SHS Blade Kingform has such a dominating presence apart from the shiny shiny and bling bling thingy he got on his body

when i looked at him, i felt something is missing, when i put a cape on his back, he looks perfect like a 24K bling bling YOLO SWAGGINS

and he is ready to strike HARD!!!

with some retouch, i feel like portraying him in a heroic way, yet shiny shiny, especially from the card that gave him all that strength and POWAAAA!!!

and yes he is welcoming you to his castle!!

as he walks to his throne

started to talk about his ambition, with such towering presence...

showing his might, forcefully having everybody to bow before him!!

aaaaaaaiiiighhht, that's all for now, catch y'all in the near future!!
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over & out!!!


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