Sunday, 19 May 2013

custom SIC kiwami tamashii kuuga amazing mighty [indoor photoshoot]

Kamen Rider Kuuga Amazing mighty form is and evolved form of the regular kuuga mighty form into something much more complex, a being that has embraced darkness, transformed into this dark, elegant warrior imbued with the power of darkness. more after the break...
the obvious difference between kuuga mighty and amazing mighty is... the color

just look at the stylish gold lining that amazing mighty has

and the black color that distinguishes him from the other more colorful forms

no matter how i see it, amazing mighty is just simply AMAZING

although everything else seemed to be the same, especially in the torso or the head sculpt

one thing that made amazing mighty... AMAZING is the gold lining

and the red toned compound eyes seemed really go along the darkened body

somehow it's like a really good match between the red eye and the gold lining along with the black overalls

even better, amazing mighty's got this exclusive shinguards, ofcourse GOLD PLATED!!

the wire is also GOLD, making it really classy~

and here's the rest of his optional hand, not detailed, the decals are quite hard to work on, plus i'm not really good at detailed parts

embrace darkness, be one with the night, rebellion against the light... to protect everybody's smile...


i shall defend everybody's smile with looming darkness in me...

in solitude i stand alone... along with the darkness...

i shall continue to fight on for everybody's sake

for a HERO to sacrifice himself for greater good

with resolute soul, he executes the AMAZING RIDER KICK!!!

so that rider kick just wraps up my post this time~
see ya in another post~
will be back with better and better photosets
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!


  1. whoa dejivrur bikin blog nih :D

    amazing mighty nya keren :) , cuma cat di bagian dadanya kayak terlalu banyak/terlalu tebal jadi kelihatan agak kasar (apa karena bukan cat yang sama kayak mighty punya?), terus shin guard sebelah kiri ntu emang catnya beleber yah kebawah ?

    tapi overall ini keren lebih menarik dari mighty nya sendiri apalagi kalo abs joint nya diganti/ditinggiin :)

    1. hehe thx sudah mampier bro, iya betul cat dibagian dada memang tebal, karena itu pake cat poster, klo ga tebal, tengsin merahnya ntar masi keliatan hehe, dan itu juga bkn cat glossy dan betul itu kasar jadi bertekstur hehe...

      klo soal shinguardnya memang bleber sebelah kanan, dan soal balljoint abs itu emang bisa diakalin pk blutak biar tinggi. thx por input bero~


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