Wednesday, 1 October 2014

[dioramaworks] #012 ROOF-UP!! - custom diorama for 1/12 scale figures

this miniature piece of roof was commissioned by a friend of mine wanting to have a simple display roof piece for his attack on titan figmas, he wanted to have a more realistic look and texture of the roof and i say he got it!! so more ROOF-UP after this break

it took me sometime to think about the materials for the roof pieces but finally figured that out after experiencing many trials and errors

the hardest part of all is arranging the small roof pieces to become a solid looking roof module like this. and i intentionally make the base flat to allow users to tilt the module as they prefer it would be

for the paint i applied some of those acrylic paints for the base color

plus i weathered the look on te roof to be more rough and realistic by applying drybrush method

to finish it up i coated this gig with the top coat

so done and done

my friend ordered two pieces of this roof module so here's how they look when put together

a view from above, combined roof modules looked like this

and this is how to use it properly, i used blue to white gradation paper as the background to visualize a bright day

relaxing after the series is over, so gonna miss Gaim


yeeeaaahh you can also change the the gradation backround into orange to white gradation colored paper to visualize afternoon sky. and afternoon is that time to relax, play some music, enjoy the sunset and sometimes get some cold beer ya~

so that's quite all about my #12 ROOF-UP!! diorama build thanks for reading, if you get any suggestion or opinion on this gig hit me up coz i deeply appreciate em~
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