Friday, 17 October 2014

[dioramaworks] #015 tatami room - for 1/12 scale figures

and yeah it's another commissioned work as well, by the same friend who asked me to made the classroom. this time he requested a traditional japanese room, complete with the authentic dor and tatami mats, well here i am trying to realize that concept. so more details after the break
my friend would very much like to own a set that is authentically japanese

referenced me with a room with a tatami mat modules

what this set probably lack is it's too empty and needs some props to liven it up

or maybe you could point out the minuses in this build? i would pretty much appreciate that y'know~

so i tried taking pics with fruit samurais in it

and the samurai formal meeting

fruit warlords

Orange Arms!! Flowery path to the stage!!

Melon Arms!! Providence by Heaven!!

Melon Warlord!!

Banana Arms!! Knight of Spear!!

Durian Arms!! MISTEEEERRR DANGEROUSSS... hey wait, this durian guy does not belong here!!
thanks for reading, this is still far from perfection so if you have any suggestion or opinion on this gig please do not hesitate to hit me up coz i deeply appreciate em~
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