Friday, 17 October 2014

[dioramaworks] #014 Classroom - for 1/12 scale figures

another commissioned piece for my friend, said he wanted to have a classroom setup, well here it is, i made this according to his reference, he asked me to make this for his figma collection, coz he is an hardcore figma collector, so more details after the break 

said he wanted a classroom complete with a chalkboard and windows

and a lot of wooden element on both wall and flooring

too bad i ain't got some school desk set to illustrate this build better

another view to the room

i made the door to be able to swing

since i ain't got the school desk props, then this classrom could just turn into a kintergarden

okay kids today we're learning~

just kidding, we're gonna play a lot actually

thanks for reading, i know this is a build far from perfection so, if you have any suggestion or opinion on this gig please do not hesitate to hit me up coz i deeply appreciate em~
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