Saturday, 11 October 2014

[dioramaworks] #013 Ancient Podium - custom diorama for 1/12 scale figures

YE-AH, it's another build from me again, this time i built something that befits most of the Saint Cloth Myth toyline specimens. taking reference to those temple ruins back in Greece, but not too similar... I present... the Ancient Podium. so, more details after the break ya~

so... why podium? according to wikipedia, podium is a place (or structure) that is elevated above the grounds surrounding it, and yes there is a elevated area in this build...

as you can see the elevated area can be accessed via the stairs on both ends, though not so smooth on the flooring

as of my reference to be those of Greek temples, pillars are essential, not trying to be as complicated as their pillars (Doric, Ionic, etc. ages) i tried making it simple as it is

a view from the stairs

the lower area flooring, at first it was smoothly done, but after hearing some of my friends opinions about the smoothly done floor, the told me a smooth one wasn't gonna look so good, and they are indeed right

so i "destroyed the lower area and the surrounding walls and apllied some darker weathering on it and it looks better than the smoothly done one (ey thanks guys, your opinions are valuable)

the dents on the walls...

and this is how it looks from the side

did i mention this was a two-piece diorama? it's not fixed so the modules are to be split freely

the reason why i made this a two-piece diorama is because storage issues, my room is quite small to contain all my artworks so i need to think about how i could simplify the way to store all the gigs i made, so making separate parts out of these would be my best option

this is how the left module would look without the additional side walls

looks smaller but still big enough for about 4-5 figures on the set

this is how the left module would look with the additional side walls (wall from the right module)

a view of the right module without the pillars

and with the pillars

Pegasus Kouga on the scene!!

Pegasus God Seiya appears on the ancient podium

FIVE BRONZE!! for Athena's sake!!

so that's quite all about my #13 Ancient Podium diorama build. thanks for reading, if you have any suggestion or opinion on this gig please do not hesitate to hit me up coz i deeply appreciate em~
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