Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Battle of the Beetles [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Kabuto is probably one of the most iconic and impressive rider among Kamen Rider franchise, taking technology to the NEXT LEVEL, the riders from this series was armed to do combat in deadly speed, the clock up feature is probably the most awesome element of the show aside from the design and characters, and personally i like the masked forms, HOLD ON!! don't scroll away, there's more after the break

Kabuto Masked form, in masked form this guy can pack a punch, great defense in the cost of agility, also the clock-up featured is disabled in this form, and this Figurise-6 model kit comes with great details, someow i kinda like that

the KABUTO ZECTER as the transforming device comes with great details, and 3 pieces with each composed in different modes

well the masked form i gotta say is quite satisfactory by far

the downside of this Figurise-6 is the horrible articulation and joints, while excels in terms of detail, it suffers far worse joints compared to SHFiguarts

this one battle between Kabuto and Caucasus in the movie GOD-SPEED LOVE is probably most memorable battles to me among all

the red and golden beetles compete each other to be the strongest in a battle royale

a kick from below, SURPRISE ATTACK!! well still on masked form so it's okay~ probably

the advantage of figurise-6 is that i can replicate the cast-off scene from the series with the masked form armor parts, it's a real deal, glad about it

and so shall the beetles clash, in the Battle of the Beetles

after Kabuto enters the Cast-off mode, the agility is greatly enhanced while defense is compromised, plus the clock up is available now~

1...2...3... RIDER KICK!!! done and done!!

Flawless victory is never without a struggle!!

"Grandma said, i am the man who walks the path of heavens,
one that will rule over all"
models : figurise-6 Kabuto, SHFiguarts Caucasus
diorama LOST RUINS 2.0
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