Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rider Miku [Indoor Photoshoot]

when i saw Miku Racing and EV Mirai bike release info months back i thought to myself, i ain't buying them coz they comes with the quite expensive price, and just for a substitute i tried matching her with Masked Rider 1 the first ver.'s Cyclone 1 bike... a little color tweak and i'm lovin it haha, more after the break
first off, i kinda like the idea of Miku Racing, the idea of some virtual diva riding on a bike and races through the track is kinda interesting aiiight

so Cyclone 1 the first ver. bike was originally have red stripes and to make it go along well with Miku i just tweaked the color with photoshop and change it to cyan-ish miku color. Miku & her bike now matches each other

and there she goes!! Rider Miku!!

that's all my opinion about these gig, it's kinda fantastic having Miku as a rider

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