Sunday, 5 July 2015

Outdoor Figure fotosession atTaman Menteng Jakarta, and some thoughts

so yeah it's been a while since i updated my blog, sometime ago i went to this park, quite well known Public Facility in Central Jakarta, Taman Menteng, went there to meet a friend and while i'm at it, i managed to take some photos of my toys. see more after this break

so this blue bugman is well known as kamen rider, as you all may realized that he is the very first kamen rider that appears in the franchise back in 1971, people who grow at that era would go crazy over this guy

don't get me wrong even if they are crazy about this guy waaay back, now their children or maybe even grandchildren would go crazy over this guy too... in japan, kamen rider would probably one of those successful franchise for over 40 years

this guys reminded me back on how i used to go crazy after watching the show, back in 2010 when i was still busy in college

this pair of detective is simply fantastik for me

GARO is a strage one, at first i thought it was a cat knight, but wtf, someone told me it was a wolf, not a dog or even cat

i used to remember how bloody and violent it was, in the classic saint seiya show, so i tried making it fun

instead of bloody and violent

to make scenes so playful like these, it feels great, because i think this broadens perspective on a character, humanizing them on how they got other side contrast on how they are told 

regardless, photographing toys and making story out of them is probably just my style, i can't force anybody to say it's good or make them say it's good coz i don't really care about other people's opinion, the most important thing for me in this artistic field is to express myself in the form of artworks. learned that first-hand back in college days

you're the beautiful... flower monkey girl

personally i like all my photos sharp, without a lot of depth of field, but this turned out well, according to my liking, i should try making more stuffs like this

the place is quite nice, a fun place to walk and play with your friends. a good spot for hangout outdoor

i'll write more if i feel like it, laters. good luck to you. and thanks for reading

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