Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FEEL!! the evil within the Dragon!! [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

I used to watch a lot of Power Rangers when i was a kid, making me a happy one indeed, who doesn't know Tommy the legendary Green ranger? from the series MMPR, it was even more popular than the Zyurangers, the original super sentai that is adaptated into power rangers... more after the break

the original SHFiguarts version of Dragon Ranger does not applied with the actual bright green color, instead it was dark green

so i did a little retouch using photoshop to make the colors look more awesome


unity in evil? yeah fantastique!!

one of the main attraction of Dragon/Green Ranger is the golden armor that enhances defens, plus that gold just stands out really great... and everybody just loves the GOOOLD!!

Go Go Green Ranger!!

come on!! BLOW the FLUTE!!

the sword of darkness, imbued with darkness and malice... looks really cool just like a decorated chinese sword, complete with the red tassel, making it elegant, plus the ruby embeded as the core of evil...

how come i like Green Ranger when he is evil huh? i guess evil is always cool, and the darkside always seem to get cooler each time

Guess this is goodbye... SHFiguarts Dragon Ranger... thanks for giving me the chance to have fun... it's great while it lasts~ SOUL'd OUT!!

Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!! 


over & out!!

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