Sunday, 12 January 2014

FEAR!!! Shadow Moon returns with Darkness!! [Indoor photoshoot+diorama]

Black Sun!! I shall bring your demise... that's probably what Shadow Moon gets to say almost every time... even until now... it was such a tragedy that a cool looking rider like him stands on the dark side... well i think Black wouldn't look much like a great villain if he was the villain huh? more after the break

Shadow moon is probably he most enigmatic and probably legendary villain around Kamen Rider franchises, he appears both in Black & Black RX series... plus since the era of Kamen Rider Decade he makes appearance as cameo and recently the main villain of Super Hero Taisen Z, so his appearance is essential to win over viewers that used to watch old school kamen riders

as the user of Shadow Moon Kingstone, he was to duel the user of the Black Sun Kingstone for the winner of the battle will inherit the title of the Next Century King. after being brainwashed by Gorgom cult, Shadow Moon becomes just as vicious, hateful, and seem to be holding deep grudge against his eternal rival, Black Sun

after being defeated by Black Sun, Shadow Moon once again rises against Black RX, and settles their battle once and for all which ends in Black RX's victory

unlike kamen rider Black and RX which is darker in color, Shadow Moon looks really contrast to them which comes with flashy silver colors dominating the suit

aside from that, the green Kingstone and also the green compound eyes looks just as striking as it is

the Hopper motive that inspires Shadow Moon is slightly more complicated compared to simpler designs Black & Black RX have

and the eternal rival... fights eternally... in their fans' minds~ or pretty much so
so that's probably all my thoughts about Shadow Moon
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