Wednesday, 15 January 2014

MOVE!! stylishly like a swaggin' dandy~ [Indoor Photoshoot]

Stylish, Swag, Dandy, Gorgeous is how you describe an elegantly worn suit. somehow the combination of black and white, the classic colors that never dies down, suited for all ages, just feels timeless! formal, casual, workplace, hanging out, any ocassion... you name it! suits just fit in pretty neatly on men... ladies loves the suits... some fashion journal even said that suits could make just every man looks handsome and gorgeous (if worn properly). Sanji & Kamen Rider Skull, just love swaggin with their suit-like appearances~ more swaggin looks after the break!!

Suits are specifically outer clothes that consisted of jacket and trousers (for men) or jacket and skirts (for ladies) that are usually worn altogether with long sleeved shirts. suits by far was timeless piece of fashion, it's really suited for any ocassion, work or casual, not only makes the wearer looks gorgeous

but also gives confidence boost and elegance feeling to the wearer. considered the most suitable formal clothes, suits are worn all over the world. be they celebs, detectives, pirates, presidents or country leaders, suits always looks good on anybody, men or women indiscriminately...

for men, suits just even more attractive when a fedora is worn, some people even say suits and fedora are the clothes for hard-boiled people... or so they say~

aside from the fedora, suit shoes are necessarily important in making the whole set looks just perfect... it's optional though, you can even combine suits with sneakers and t-shirt behind the jacket to get your casual look

wearing long sleeved shirt contrasted with your suit color is one way to achieve elegance... especially if you add necktie... ooh i'm sure the ladies would love that

suit... CHECK!! shoes... CHECK!! necktie... CHECK!! fedora... CHECK!! hairstyle... CHECK!!
now you are ready to roll like a swag~

stay cool, stay calm, you'll be alright with the cool suit...
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!! this is not a fashion reference... it's just an opinion of me how to look KOOL
keep cool, keep swaggin', keep on rollin' high~ daaaaaamn i feel like wearing a suit now!!


over & out!!!

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