Saturday, 11 January 2014

ROAR!!! Hero of Justice... Wild Tiger!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

"It's time to Let out the WILD ROAR!!" yeah Wild Tiger is on the scene... this iconic protagonist from the popular anime Tiger & Bunny finally hit my shelf... one of my long-time wishlist that i couldn't afford but at least now i got it... they say wait till the hype went down then buy at a reasonable price~ yep that works for me aiiiiiiight. so more Tiger... after the break...

Wild Tiger comes with this overwhelmingly futuristic design, the green lines on his suit glows in the dark which really gives the futuristic sensation even more~

this pose is acted along with Wild Tiger's trademark catchphrase "It's time to let out the Wild ROAR!!" in japanese "Wild ni hoeru ze!!"

the suit is dominated by white colored parts along with dark grey suit plus the strikingly cool lining along the torso

Wild Tiger can be really cool looking in or outside the suit, but mostly he is goofy

another striking feature that mesmerizes most people is the hand part which is designed to be hammer-like looking and looks really cool when the green transparent part... GLOWS!!

feel the TIGER... a futuristic one

the head part of the suit is most interesting, the striking green color proves to be iconic and the tiger-like design is really great

Wild shooter is another feature of the suit that allows Wild Tiger to shoot wired grapples that enables him to swing aerially

Tiger & Bunny? MEH it's time for Tiger & Hopper!!

the Hopper & Tiger tone color looks like a perfect matching!!

ooh Kaede-chan my daughter what happened to you to be turned out like this??

this Figuarts really stands out and it's got this futuristic and somewhat refreshing design compared to other heroes in the Tiger & Bunny universe, not to mention that only Wild Tiger have the most variants released under SHFiguarts toyline, it's about 6 variants if i'm not mistaken or probably more
well that's probably all my thoughts on Wild Tiger at the moment
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


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