Sunday, 14 July 2013

Revoltech 079 Masamune Date [Indoor Photoshoot]

Masamune Date is one of many legendary warlords that is famous around Japan for his unique appearance, that of his eye patch and his BANANA... i mean kabuto or japanese war helmet shaped like crescent moon is really a striking costume to go along with... and the anime BASARA hails from that very roots of history, adapted in a crazy way, the anime itself offers a whole new experience in ejoying tales from the warring states, and here are my photos about Masamune Date one of the characters. more after the break

oh is he gonna kill the hopper?

he did... an took his bike!

so that is probably all about my photos on Revoltech BASARA : Masamune Date
 see ya in another post~
gonna be back with better and better photosets
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