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1/6 INARI from GODCOMPLEX by foxbox studios [Indoor Photoshoot]

this guy... this seriously cool action figure, INARI have successfully made fall in love with it, I am seriously in love with the design, the enigmatic appearance of INARI the fox god especially his scarf and mask... somehow mesmerizes me. moarr after the break

INARI is an original character created by foxbox studios, and according to Bryan Lie, the creator of the whole GODCOMPLEX saga, INARI is considered as foxbox's very own mascot... well i can see the reason why... it's just that INARI is way way too awesome!

so who is exactly INARI? some of you must've been wondering... 
so here's the story of INARI - as quoted from

"High strain between the Rulers and the humans can be felt throughout the Earth. However, in the exotic land of Nippon, a different atmosphere took place. Undeterred by the human's highly advanced technology and science in the region, both races live in harmony. The Rulers race in this region are a philanthropic bunch and using their connection to nature, they helped the people of Nippon to get back on their feet after their dark and traumatic past. In many places of the land, the humans built many temples in honor of their deeds, and more than one-third of the temples are dedicated to their favorite Ruler, Inari."

"Inari is among the most fortunate of all Rulers. It is believed that  many who follow after Inari will also experience great fortune, thus the reason he has many followers. He never let his stature to shadow his purpose and he walks among people as one of them, never to let them turn into zealots. Rumor has it that the Kitsune Rod on his right arm is his tool to annihilate misfortunes."

"Inari shares many similar characteristics with one of the Ruler of Hellenic Republic, Hermes. They are not only similar, they know each other quite well. To quote the words of Hermes to Inari: "A guy as lucky as you, I better have you on my side."

so that is probably all about my photos on 1/6 INARI from GODCOMPLEX
 see ya in another post~
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INARI form GODCOMPLEX is the original character and mascot of foxbox studios please do visit the creators over at
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