Saturday, 21 June 2014

figures having fun at JAP VIBE TERRACE [Indoor Photoshoot + diorama]

hanging out is such a pleasureable activity, especially if you do it along with some friends or maybe people that you cherish and love. so what if my figures hangs out over at some Japan-esque terrace? gotta be fun i think, so let's check it out after the break

oh and it was such a crowded place, adds more fun factor to the place, make it much more lively

chatting on the inside is fun yeah especially with some soft and comfy sofa

while the tuyuls are playing on the outside with their dog, and orange guy just tagged along

expressionless, emotionless sanji

still can't get over being alone huh?

and i think they are enjoying the cherry blossom tree, them tuyuls

brings fleeting feeling to them tuyuls, good for them

check out the real situation~

terrace and garden, such a nice place to hangout ya?

birdie plays with kat

Pegasus Tenma, a saint of Japan origin, i think he kinda glad to be back home ya?

hey krocoman, surrender now OR ELSE!! space sheriff gyaban secures the place

still not done with the nice chat?

romanceless sanji, still can't get over that feeling

baby i want that blossom

romance under the cherry blossom~

and all our romance, let it be a secret, under the umbrella...
well that's all about my figures hanging out over at JAP VIBE TERRACE
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