Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Next Generation Bronze Saint... Pegasus Kouga!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Pegasus Kouga is on of the next generation major Bronze Saints and also the protagonist of the recently finished airing Saint Seiya Omega. as the successor of Pegasus Cloth, Kouga inherits the Pegasus Cloth from Seiya, the main protagonist of many Saint Seiya universe. thus Seiya was promoted into a Gold Saint, Sagittarius Seiya... Seeing Kouga in Omega is just how you could see Seiya in his earlier days, being young, hot-headed, indecisive and unresolved, brings back good ol' times haha. so more Pegasus Kouga, after the break...
In Saint Seiya Omega, it was told that Kouga was born from a fragment of the great force of nature Mars summoned to aid him in the intense battle with Athena, so when this great force appeared from outer space before the two gods, each affects the great power with both elements, while Athena infuse the great power with her element of light, Mars keeps pressing on with the darkness wave he released, thus inside the great power, light and darkness struggled, and finally split into two materialized being... two childs, baby boy and baby girl, Kouga and Aria

thus Kouga was raised properly by Athena, trained from very young age by Ophiucous Shaina, Kouga hesitates why he was trained to be a saint and can't choose the life he wants, after Mars attacked Athena once more, Kouga was aware of the purpose for him to be a saint and was given the Pegasus Cloth Stone

after the great battle with Mars and Abzu, the god of darkness, kouga's initial cloth which looks a lot like cheap spandex, he had his cloth stone repaired, and the cloth evolved into something that looks more lik the classic pegasus cloth, the pegasus new cloth (lotsa metallic parts yay!) it was like this Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Kouga

i am very happy that bandai decided to release this version of Pegasus Kouga that i can line it up along with another generation of Pegasus Saint. it was brilliantly done, i like the feature of it having a whole lot of diecast part, and also it sparkles and shiny (yay!)

in Saint Seiya Omega the gemstones scattered all over the cloth was probably the most prominent and most obvious feature of the series, even classic bronze saints got their cloths rebooted into having these gemstones (i kinda dissapointed in that aspect - seriously, classic Bronze should not have been modified)

anyway i really like this Cloth Myth, but there is a little setback though especially on the edges, it was seriously sharp, it even tore my latex glove i used to play Cloth Myths with, not once but already a few times, and yeah if you're not careful it may end up hurting you... at the worst case scenario

anyway it wasn't such a hassle, no regrets since i bought it in a good bargain... kool, and i think Kouga dislikes noise... that's why he looked edgy over miku singing near him
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