Saturday, 21 June 2014

[dioramaworks] #009 JAP VIBE TERRACE custom diorama for 1/12 scale figures

a special diorama commissioned by Lullaby Winds anime restaurant and hobby shop, the owner requested me to craft a great looking diorama, according to the retail's theme. so she let me decide the theme of the diorama, and since Lullaby Winds' dealings involves Japanese toys and figures, i decided to give out a little Japan-esque touch, like terrace and a little garden here and there. plus a neat room inside to have a nice chat. so more details after the break

the left section is the indoor part of the whole diorama, the middle part is the terrace section, and lastly the right side is the garden all complete with the accessory to enhance the theme of JAP VIBE TERRACE

every accessory is correlated to each section where it belongs, like the sofas on the left section, the umbrella and the ebony-colored wooden seat on the terrace, as well as plants of various colors and a cherry blossom tree

for the left section, i tried to bring out some neat interior by using some tiles as the wallpaper pattern, along with the black tile as the floor, sofas are papercrafts and the table is made out of wood

moving out to middle section i made the terrace section, consisted of the wall resembling the entrance of Japanese traditional house, with the wooden slide door and the wooden windows, along with the ebony colored wooden seat, plus the umbrella that are mostly found in front of Japanese traditional confectionery house. the terrace flooring are made out of wood, plus the sidewalks, i tried to bring details like square stone and the grassy vegetations, so it won't look boring

details on the windows

connection in between the terrace part and the garden section

the garden section is consisted of grassy flooring and fence-like bamboo background, a little touch of nature

this is the terrace section without the umbrella and wooden seating

the garden section showing the correlation between bamboo fence and the cherry blossom tree

details of the sidewalks

and this is how it would look like when you put action figures on it

Specifications :
Dimension : 120 cm x 34 cm x 24 cm (whole set)
Weight : 5 kg (whole set)
Scale : for 1/12 figures
Base : Hardboard Plank, foam, grassy flooring
Adhesives : PVC white glue 
Props : actual stone, plastic plants, wood planks, actual tree branch, green sands (grass)
Others : Sanding paper

so far i am quite satisfied with this build, but there is still a room for improvement on the rough walls of terrace section and i think i'm gonna make it better in the upcoming build, special thanks to Sheng Gonzales (kixkillradio) for the cherry blossom tree tips... oh and if you have some feedback feel free to leave them at the comments section below, it is much appreciated

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