Tuesday, 17 June 2014

555+ Dangerous Bangkok 9.13 [Indoor Photoshoot]

Livin the life intensely, that's the way these riders lived their lives, that's just the same as everywhere... that includes Bangkok, the big city famous with it's nightlights and Buddhism landmarks. and more of their intense story, after the break

Tuk Tuk is a form of public transportation in Bangkok, it can carry along about 4-5 people at best, 6 including the driver, and the ride is really wild

having arrived in the city of Bangkok, of course they need wheels to move around, since they ain't got their bikes, so riding Tuk Tuk would be a good choice

after making a deal with the price, a certain part of the gang drawn his weapon, begin threatening the driver, said "get off mutherfuckah!! we're hijacking this Tuk Tuk!!" then another one started pulling the driver out

haha thanks for the ride fool!!! the rastaman driver got no choice, or else he be killed

catch ya l

rastaman been hijacked... poor bastard and he be wondering how he could make money for himself, his wife and kids, more importantly how to buy more ganja~ rastaman no ganja no life

got the Tuk Tuk then they be rollin to the local gangster turf, start doing some drive-by intensely till them gangsters chased them

so intense that one of them had to keep driving while the other shoots on the top of the Tuk Tuk

and that's just how we roll in Bangkok!! they said... 
I shot this back in the our family getaway to Bangkok last year
see ya later. thanks for viewing, and ya i know the Tuk Tuk was too small for them to ride haha
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