Monday, 3 November 2014

[Photowalk] the Glitch Imaginarium - Inktober exhibition

So, on the first day of November i finally got a chance to visit this neat art space, the Glitch imaginarium which is located at SCBD - Sudirman Central Business District, South Jakarta, lobby of Potato Head Garage. this time there is this recently booming trend of Inktober, a series of sketches which artists make in a month (totaling about 31 art pieces) and here in the Glitch imaginarium they showcase some of the best sketches, traditional ink related arts well curated in an awesome art space, so more details after the break

some catchy, yet provocative walls on the entrance

here in this gallery, the sketches and artworks from many artists were curated through tight selection, so only the best may be showcased

came here with a friend, this guy Kosa

Mural on drywall partition, the curator said that there's another Mural behind the drywall, so impermanent drywall partition is set there

smart usage of vertical elements, i really like how the strings are used to showcase these fantastic skecthes

some installation apparently you can sit on it (without breaking it)

not to dark but certainly not to bright, love the lighting

cmon man take that mask off

certainly fantastik art piece

here are some pieces that are displayed over at this massive wooden table

among all this looks like serious business

stickers by designers

real sweet i gotta say


i really like this rabbit, super neat, super nice, sweet and have this somewhat terrifying presence yet cute

bunny's gonna kill somebody



forgot the name of this item? maybe some of you know the name of this gig

cheap godzilla cosplay

so we found this cardboard godzilla head lying there on the gallery, asked the curator if we could borrow it, got the permission and here we are having fun like mad men

man inna monster

me kaiju me monster

me godzilla wannabe

real nice art space, finally took of that mask

never straight, never normal

that concludes our visit to the Glitch imaginarium, see ya later, keep rockin and creating those fantastik artworks
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