Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Fruit Samurai ON STAGE!!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

by Heaven's decree... on flowery path to stage... Fruit Samurais ON STAGE!! it really feels great to have these 2 fruit samurais standing before my own hand made orien-Terrace. emphasizing japanese building characteristic in a simple way. these combinations just rocked my night!! so more details after the break

Orange arms!! Hanamichi on Stage!! literally i'm quite happy about the scattering pink flowers on the set, feels like spring alright

this Orange Samurai is one of my favourite rider of all time by now, loved the design and especially the samurai theme
Melon arms!! Tenka Gomen!! the unique feature of armored Zangetsu is his shield, unlike any other armored riders that uses weapon type fruit-arms, he uses shield instead, and is a very strong rider

since this two is taking over the theme of samurai, they are equipped with not-so-katana-like sword called Musou saber, an exclusive weapon to these two

I tried bringing the Samurai blues with the Melon samurai... cherry blossoms... hmmm

Orange Samurai Gaim... ON STAGE!!

Samurai of Orange, oh i seriously love Samurai theme haha

Melon Crusader, this guy bond by Noblesse Oblige and is seriously crusader-like character

what a lively orien-terrace

look at my BANANA, man!! it's delicious

Monkey + Romance = Monkey Business right?

i think you should buy some BANANAz, it's healthy and contains a lot of fibre, very good for your digestion system. overall the series Kamen Rider Gaim has been an interesting one since last year... very entertaining, very impressive and very meaningful unlike the previous and the next series... Fruit Samurais are the best!!

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