Thursday, 13 November 2014

[dioramaworks] #017 orien-Terrace - for 1/12 scale figures

this build is another modification of my earlier build jap vibe terrace, the difference is that it's more elevated on the terrace part, and extra bamboo walls on the sides. so more details, after the break
added bamboo wall on the left side of the terrace, actually i got this terrace a simple bench and sheltering umbrella, but this how it looks without the bench and umbrella

overall look without the tree in front of the terrace

this is how the terrace would look with the outdoor bench and umbrella, i intentionally put the bench and umbrella there, because i was a bit inspired by traditional japanese confectionery store, they  usually got such bench in front of their store, seen a lot like those on samurai films

bamboo garden area, beside the terrace

overall look of the terrace diorama from the side

vegetation in front of the terrace, i wanted to replicate the spring feeling with the falling cherry blossoms all over the vegetation

Bamboo walls on the side, tell ya what it's made of real bamboos

lone fruit samurai, who exactly are you waiting

woow who this colorful gal sitting at the garden

i still feel this is somewhat missing something important, i will try to improve, and your opinion or feedback would pretty much be appreciated
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