Sunday, 4 May 2014

Miku's dramatic adventure [Indoor Photoshoot]

because i'm quite busy (and lazy) these days, i prefer not to think about background really much, but i try to bring something different and entertaining. so i make it into some kind of soap opera coz everybody loves soap opera although not everybody~ starting from poisoning a certain somebody they call titan, this soap opera shots gonna have crazy turnabout in the end. more story after the break
fter being killed by food poisoning, titan dies and turned into angel, still holding grudge against his killer, he set out as a vengeful angel to settle the score...

after angel titan did his payback, miku forms a contract with a certain beast to help aid her in combat in her quest to settle the score... advent revengeance... revenge is never this sweet...

after the long and hard fight with the psychotic titan, finally miku managed to grab some capital to start a culinary business, of course with the help of titan

in every business, there is always those people, thugs who always want a cut out of the business, if you don't give them a cut, they wreck the business... those people like them... the SECURITY BADMANS~

although these thugs may look scary and violent on the outside, they are actually soft on the inside, they are afraid of dogs, and immediately surrender to miku, thus became miku's subordinate. that's only because of simple magic words, GO GET EM DOG!!

realizing that there is a talent to run this business, Miku decided to open a corporation specializing in security services, ranging from bodyguard to mercenary services, big time, even setting up an office where she could do the BUSINESS TALK with clients.

the story ends with Miku being able to run a new business. will there be a continuation after this? i dunno. don't ask me~ catch ya later. thanks for viewing, and catch me up over at:
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