Sunday, 19 July 2015

Mercenary Guts - Berserk - and some thoughts

Guts, the mercenary from the Band of Hawks. a fictional group of mercenary form the anime Berserk. not so long ago i decided to buy this Guts figma. got some thoughts for it

at first i was kinda impressed with the details it offered, and it looked bulky and nice, so manly. i even thought that this would be a perfect toy for me with all that big-ass sword and badass helmet really piqued my interest... but i was wrong

the poseability of this figure is just so-so. not so poseable as i would think it could. and the brown cape part is really really heavy, that it would topple the whole figure if not supported by the Figma's stand

the leg was heavy. couldn't pose it freely. but one good thing about it was the dirty skin weathering paintjob was awesome

if you are a big fan of Guts and the manga/anime Berserk. i recommend you to get this gig. otherwise, if you love a toy that's poseable, i don't think you should get this one... except for that big-ass sword, it's fun to have around
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