Friday, 2 May 2014

[dioramaworks] #007 STEEP HILL - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

Green hills, with lush vegetations, of greens and natural brown soil, nobody would hate such landscape, and it comes to my mind that i probably should make such hill, so i made this gig, the steep hill diorama. more details after the break

with so many figures standing on it yep

a front view to the set

the side view

a look from above

the back view

another view from the sideway

this is actually my first experiment to make diorama out of styrofoam, it's lightweight, compact,  and easy to carry

assorted figures when put together making it looked like a town park. specifications below 
Specifications :
Dimension : 35 cm x 33 cm x 25 cm
Weight : 4,5 kg
Scale : ranged from 1/16, 1/12, and 1/10 figures
Base : Styrofoam
Adhesives : PVC white glue 
Props : Green grassy powder, green foam
Others : printed background, sized A3

this one does not really satisfy me just yet, the grounds are too steep and does not give much standing space, possibly making figures look crowded when put together. the possible mistake that i make are it's too steep, and it wasn't too wide, and the levels are most certainly too high while the space is narrow. gotta do better than this next time

that's it for my seventh handmade diorama, and i'll be posting more in the near future, feedbacks are most appreciated, if you have one please leave it on the comments section below
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


over & out!!!

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