Sunday, 21 September 2014

BANANA fever!! healthy digestion for life!!

Have you ever tasted BANANA? that sweet smelling, yellow tropical fruit that tastes like heaven, well i'm sure you all probably ever had the chance to eat some... lately i been obsessed with the fruit, it's so unique and lovable, still not sure about it? more suggestion after this break!

here are the BANANAztars, spreading the BANANA LOVE to you all, they love the banana for sure, the sweetness on taste and smell is somehow nice

even kamen rider these days uses BANANA as weapon

listen to the BANANA~ love it, sing to it, it's a blessing to the world

on a training session, listen to the rhythm of the BANANA

and let's try feeding some banana to a certain tuyul... BANANA AU LAIT!!!

sometimes i think LIFE's a BANANA, it's sour and tastes bad and hard to eat when the time is not right, unripe... but tastes like heaven when the time is right, in the end everything's gonna be alright

the best way to eat BANANA freshly is to peel the skin covering the fruit... cleanly~ but don't use a knife, this a real bad example ya 

even kong loves BANANA, lotsa vitamin C, makes your body stronger and even more resistant to common sickness, it's all mine he said

you can buy this tropical fruit from the BANANA SELLER, might be a peddler or grocer~ like this

in the end BANANA really helps digestion a lot, making it possible to achieve healthy digestion system by constantly eating the fruit every day, and the best time to eat a BANANA is in the morning of course, or when you are not eating a big meal

well like BANANA miku said, just eat banana for good health and good digestion system!!
stay healthy and stay happy!!
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