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STAND STRONG!! 5 Legendary Bronze Saints, Guardians of Athena [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Final Cloth or V3(version 3) cloths, appears in the Saint Seiya's OVA Hades Chapter Sanctuary, Inferno and Elysium as the power up for the protagonists after their previous cloths being broken so badly .and finally after sometime collecting one after another, i successfully gathered these five legendary Bronze Saints in their Final Cloth version, along with my latest diorama build, the Throne Chamber. so more after the break~

Phoenix Ikki was probably the most aggressive and the most mysterious Legendary Bronze Saint among the five protagonists, in this version of Final Cloth, he first appeared in Hades Chapter Inferno, unlike the other 4 protagonists, it is not explained how he got his cloth reinforced into the V3 cloth, but most likely Gold Saint Libra Aries Mu repaired his broken Cloth, since he only obtained Athena's Blood in Hades Chapter Elysium

Andromeda Shun is probably the kindest Saint among all Athena Saints, he doesn't really love fighting, but he still stands up to fight against injustice and evil gods, his Final Cloth was obtained in the end of Hades Chapter Sanctuary arc when Pope Shion sprinkled Athena's Blood on their broken cloths, to revive it and help them to fight Hades army in the underworld

Cygnus Hyoga was a Saint that hails from Siberia, a cold area and he uses ice-based techniques, he obtained his Final Cloth the same way Pope Shion sprinkled Athena's Blood on his cloth along with Seiya, Shiryu, and Shun. and his damaged left eye was the result of him settled payback with Isaac Kraken in Poseidon Arc back in the series

Dragon Shiryu was the Bronze Saint that hailed from China, and under the guidance of Roshi Dohko a.k.a Gold Saint Libra Dohko, he trained under the Rozan Falls in China. Donning the Dragon Bronze Cloth that's evolved by the blessings through Athena's blood. Shiryu lost his eyesight through his deadly combat against Chrysaor Khrisna back in Poseidon arc, but later his eyesight returned in the spiritual realm of underworld

and finally Seiya the main, the strongest protagonist in the whole saga, finally got his Final Cloth the same way that is through the blessing of Athena's Blood. when the Specters are invading the Sanctuary, Seiya along with Shiryu helps repel the invaders and finally reaching the peak to have their clothes repaired. by the way the one sitting on the throne is Figma Kotobuki Tsumugi from K-ON i just recolored the hair digitally so it would look like Athena in school uniform (yeah I'm such a poorfag)

one aspect that i like on the Final Bronze Clothes line up was the armor that covers more part of the body compared to the initial bronze cloth (V1 clothes) and the evolved bronze clothes (V2 clothes)

another good aspect that V3 clothes have are the great sculpt that it brings along, mostly accurate and unlike the regular V2 clothes (now renewed in EX version) V3 is quite the awesome Cloth Myth specimens to own

the details such as damaged eye face and blinded eye optional faces are included in characters such as Cygnus Hyoga and Dragon Shiryu, and that's quite a plus to me

another aspect for me to love this V3 line up is the colors that are applied to each Bronze Cloths are quite stunning and simply brings joy to my eyes hahaha

lastly since i am a budget collector (i need to get everything as cheap as possible-poorfag style-haha) yeah you guessed it, V3 clothes aren't as expensive as the crazy-rare initial Bronze Cloths, or the renewed V2 Bronze Cloths in EX Cloth Myth Series, it is simply just affordable to me... and for a Cloth Myth specimens that is released back in 2007, it's still awesome to me. quite happy with these purchase haha

i think that's my opinion on this Final Cloth version of Bronze Saints for now... so thanks for reading
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