Monday, 7 April 2014

[Photowalk] Rainbow of my night... Colors of the Gate @Gerbang Kota Baru Kemayoran

Gerbang Kota Baru Kemayoran was quite an interesting landmark located on the border between the northern part and the central region of Jakarta. living near the vicinity i get to roll to that place often, the landmark is most pleasurable to eyes when visited at night. bright lights in colors shines the area with grace, real eye candy... more details after the break

the lights shifts into different colors by each second passing

standing about probably 20 meters tall, this structure was composed by steel pillars bent to a certain degree with the root-like supporting base

this is what the base looked like, connected directly to the foundation, this landmark was built on the end of 2012

completed on the end of 2013 this structure served as the local Kota Baru Kemayoran's gate to the highway at the end of the road

shining brightly at night, this landmark can be seen from miles away. and it was really inspiring for me to see rainbows at night on those gate pillars

the architect responsible of this project was none other than ridwan kamil, Indonesia's rising STARchitect and also the current major of Bandung city. he done many great architectural projects

it was not an exaggeration to call this "rainbow" of the night because of the colors it displays. seriously it calms my soul when the world just trying to make me go mad with all it's craziness.

when i feel down, i feel sad or stressed or even depressed, i always ride my bike to this place, alone, enjoying the vibe, sometimes brings along some music, that way i feel much better and felt that i was refreshed somehow. this rainbow of the night really satisfies my passion for enjoyable colors and helped me feel relaxed. if there was a color therapy... i think this is probably it haha

different colors gives off different feelings and impressions plus different effects to the human feelings. just like this blue lights makes me feel calm and relaxed. says my architecture lecturers... and that was a long time ago~

i think i'm gonna make a bike diary for my next photowalk. goin places is real nice

under the pillars i feel the vibe through colors... enjoying my very life itself

looking up my imaginations led me into thinking this was a giant elephant tusks arranged neatly. how big would the elephant be if their godforsaken tusk was that big haha 

last but not least, i took a self portrait with my bike, which served me for almost 10 years by now... with the rainbow of my night... as the background~

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